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Amer Zec, M.S.

Principal Software Engineer


Highly disciplined, language-agnostic, positive and energetic engineer, offering expertise in developing, documenting, and testing software to ensure that it meets the needs of end users and achieves business goals. Versatile in using various software development methodologies. Proficient in wide spectrum of cloud technologies with recent focus on AWS. Innovative business partner, effective communicator and problem-solving technical lead, known not only for individual contribution, but also mentoring, building teams, growing developer’s communities of practice / guilds and building relationships with internal and external partners at all levels. Ability to oversee and manage all technical aspects of any project and to design / develop APIs using multiple languages and frameworks and build highly scalable, data-intensive applications, while leveraging all contemporary architectural styles. Ability to persuade/manage others to adopt new structures or systems in order to meet objectives. Collaborative, empathetic and autonomous individual contributor with demonstrated successes in partnering with engineering stakeholders and cross-functional teams from multiple domains when solving not only problems of team-local importance, but to the organization as a whole. Capable of creating plan, breaking it into incremental milestones and producing non-existing backlogs meeting the required level of quality. Enthusiastic for opportunities to set and present the technical direction and putting right tools and technologies in the best use, to maintain / upgrade / improve the functionality of all existing software, recommend process improvements in resolving software issues, and to ensure that the design, application, and maintenance of software meets the quality standards of the company.


Requirements Assessments Systems Design Complexity Analysis Data Structures and Algorithms Cloud Native Development Troubleshooting Test-driven Design Risk Identification / Mitigation Compliance Software Architecture Best Practices DevOps Agile SDLC InnerSource • OpenSource Continuous Process Improvements Training Documentation Leading Teams • Managing Software Projects


Java • Python • Bash • Go Language • JS • TypeScript • Node.JS • DevOps • Infrastructure As Code (IaC) • Scrum and Kanban • CI / CD • Peer Code Review • Unit / Integration Testing • Linux - Alpine, RedHat, Amazon Linux 2, Debian • Modern networking - VPC, VLAN, Subnetting, VPN, NAT, DNS, TCP, UDP, HTTP, TLS • Microservice Architecture • Event-driven Architecture • APIs – HTTP / RESTful, gRPC, GraphQL • OpenAPI / Swagger • Domain Design • TDD • BDD • AWS - EC2, Lambda, EKS, ECS, DynamoDB, RDS / Aurora, S3, EBS, EFS, Batch, CloudWatch, CloudTrail, API Gateway • Azure • Docker • Kubernetes • CloudFormation • Terraform • Packer • Ansible • SQL • PostgreSQL • MongoDB • Git • GitHub / GitHub Actions • Spacelift • GitLab CI/CD • CircleCI • Jenkins • GitOps – FluxCD / ArgoCD • Observability • Monitoring • systemd • journald • collectd • statsd • fluentd • fluentbit • Riemann • Graphite • Prometheus • OpenTelemetry • DataDog • SignalFX • NewRelic • Grafana • Elasticsearch / Logstash / Kibana - ELK stack • Google Workspaces / Meet • Zoom • Google Docs • Microsoft Office


  • AWS Certified SysOps Administrator - Associate (SOA) (valid until Jul 26, 2024 - PDF CERTIFICATE)

  • AWS Certified Solutions ArchitectAssociate (SAA) (valid until Dec 03, 2022 - PDF CERTIFICATE)

  • AWS Certified DeveloperAssociate (expired on Jan 30, 2022 - PDF CERTIFICATE )


VERIZON, Portland, OR
Principal Software Engineer - Platform, Remote (01/2022 - 09/2022)

Oversaw platform engineering and set technical direction for infrastructure foundations on AWS leveraging contemporary DevSecOps paradigms and practices.

  • Improved DevSecOps culture and acceleration at Verizon NBI by introducing GitOps and Observability paradigms to the early platform design and planning.

  • Improved planning and organization of communities of practice in group of 20 engineers, most proudly by introducing architectural decision records / ADRs.

  • Delivered numerous POCs of high importance to the new platform architectural guidelines, most proudly:

    • GitLab CI/CD OpenID Connect authentication and authorization with AWS EKS clusters, demonstrating capabilities of OIDC and its use with AWS IAM and Kubernetes RBAC.

    • GitLab CI/CD builds and deployments of new container images in Kubernetes runners, demonstrating ability to bypass and avoid docker-in-docker execution model with use of Google’s Kaniko tooling.

  • Refactored and improved observability of multiple microservices of mission-critical importance to the numerous business units.

  • Built and influenced the tools and utilities that are part of the developer tooling helping simplify day to day tasks

  • Served as catalyst to deliver truly disruptive products that are growing rapidly within Verizon Robotics Business Technology portfolio

SKYWARD (A Verizon Company), Portland, OR
Senior DevOps Engineer, Remote (11/2020 - 01/2022)

Led foundational infrastructure development, maintenance. Initiated and facilitated improvements of DevOps culture by hosting a weekly meeting, the DevOps Round Table, championing an open-hour event for anyone to bring their topics of interest or concerns to the open agenda for discussion, covering themes such as observability, monitoring, secrets management, Kubernetes autoscaling.

  • Led the effort of modernization and migration of the Kubernetes platform including production environments / multiple clusters, powering apps, and migrating all workloads from AWS EKS 1.16 to AWS EKS 1.21

    • Prevented the auto-update of an unsupported version of EKS by AWS, rolled out a modern cluster with all benefits of the new control plane, and utilized node groups based on spot EC2 instances.

    • Improved CNI, logging, cluster observability and monitoring, and introduced the use of Cluster Autoscaler with node-group bidding priorities.

  • Contributed continuous improvements in the development and operations of cloud infrastructure powering the apps, delivering quality services and products that were on time, on-scope, within budget, and per customer and regulatory (FAA) specifications.

    • Managed AWS cloud services (SQS, SNS, SES, RDS, ElastiCache Redis, OpenSearch Service / formerly ELK), as well as unmanaged services including SonarCube, JFrog Artifactory, and RabbitMQ, and tooling including maintaining an in-house fork of kubesec, enabling it to operate with multiple other tools adopted by the team (such as vaulted and awsume), simplifying the delivery of infrastructure platform / tools that enabled and multiplied developers’ cloud-native experience.

  • Piloted on the effort of migrating codebase from BitBucket to GitHub VCS through automation and streamlined management of GitHub resources through IaC using Terraform.

    • Enabled better developer experience with the use of GitHub.

    • Improved security by secure management of GitHub service users and their various API Tokens, Personal Tokens, and SSH keys used by CI / CD bots.

  • Directed the effort on integrating CircleCI with GitHub with all important security posture considerations, ensuring proper mitigation of risk, alignment with corporate strategy.

    • Secured management of CircleCI Contexts through IaC using Terraform, the gatekeepers of the CI / CD system's access to other critical systems such as AWS.

    • Developed / deployed CircleCI Orbs with goal of streamlining CI / CD pipelines for all application code and infrastructure code, with orbs serving as go-to service catalog offering for service blueprints.

    • Leveraged migration to CircleCI / GitHub as an opportunity to improve the security model of CI / CD and reduce risks of exposing sensitive information and granting access to other systems

  • Stewarded the effort to improve the security posture of microservices powering the apps by introducing Kubernetes Service Accounts to be used by services and removing the need for AWS IAM-based authentication of services with AWS services

Senior DevOps Engineer, Remote (06/2018 - 11/2020)

Served as technical lead in multiple DevOps domains such as designing and implementing solutions for migrations of monolith MongoDB clusters and their compliance to microservice architectural guidelines. Setting technical direction in org-wide secrets management, edge traffic shaping and CDN. Influencing reduction of repetitive and routine DevOps work and cutting engineering costs through the use of chatops.

  • Influenced adoption and implemented first chat-ops solutions for near real-time analytics and querying of logs generated by multiple AWS services including CloudFront, WAF, and ALB access logs, utilizing Slack API and AWS Athena, providing near real-time insights into web front-end issues and challenges gained through Slack commands / SQL queries using AWS Athena.

  • Designed and executed the migration of CDN from Akamai to AWS CloudFront, ensuring large cost savings that were gained by switching vendors, as well as reduced operational costs by using solutions native to AWS workloads.

  • Designed and implemented Slack apps / chatbots as applications in AWS for the elevation of user privileges in all used database systems including MongoDB, AWS RDS, Aurora, AWS Redshift, and DynamoDB, providing considerable savings in DevOps engineering hours spent on credentials management and IAM.

  • Architected, implemented and deployed a solution for executing automated migrations with zero downtime. Performed numerous migrations of self-managed MongoDB clusters, while breaking the monolith across multi-account AWS environments and enabling the team to better stick to 12-factor app principles, abandon monolith approach to databases and adopt microservice best practices for databases, leading to better governance and compliance with standards for managing PII data.

Senior DevOps Engineer, Contractor via Randstad Technologies (02/2017 - 06/2018)

Designed and automated self-service of numerous developer tools as part of Cloud Automation team for large engineering community in Nike Digital Technologies. Implemented CI / CD pipelines for Jenkins 2.0, for deployments of containerized microservices with targets being AWS ECS, AWS ECS Fargate, and AWS EKS, enabling multiple engineering teams in Nike Digital organization to ripe benefits of microservices architecture and rapid deployments to the cloud while optimizing compute costs.

  • Contributed implementation of next-gen CI / CD platform based on Jenkins 2.0, leading to fully automated provisioning / self-service of CI / CD platforms hosted in AWS cloud that was used by multiple engineering teams.

    • Wrote microservices and middleware for a large ecosystem of Jenkins plugins, Python / Bash scripts, and IaC (AWS CloudFormation / Terraform), enabling developers through automation to provision new highly available / reliable Jenkins 2.0 CI / CD platforms with out-of-the-box integration with other Nike enterprise services including SSO, AD, and IAM management.

  • Improved implementation of tooling for automated static code analysis, automated builds, canary analysis, and Blue / Green deployments, enabling engineering teams to boost productivity and increase overall code quality.

  • Adapted and modified internally used Netflix OSS tooling through the practice of inner sourcing, most significantly, enabling Netflix Asgard (deprecated and replaced with, a control plane for AWS deployments management, to authenticate with multiple SSO / SAML auth providers including Okta and OneLogin, and enabling engineering teams to use Single-Sign-On for better security of apps controlling deployments in AWS.


Lead Software Engineer (08/2015 - 01/2017)

Led a team of developers in designing and implementing sets of low-latency RESTful APIs and their integration with other systems based on client needs. Multiple clients, multiple projects, wide range of technologies.

BH TELECOM, Sarajevo, Bosnia
Lead Software Engineer (03/2012 - 08/2015)

Led a team of engineers in delivering internal private cloud platform (based on Cisco UCS Director and VMware ESXi), used for internal developer enablement and hosting internal services / batch workloads for multiple telco applications. Led a team of engineers in delivering web-services that enabled integration of Web TV service frontend and new IPTV middleware, resulting in faster IPTV middleware experience for 200K users.

Senior Software Engineer, Contractor via AtlantBH, Sarajevo, Bosnia (03/2010 - 03/2012)

Developed batch processing solutions (ETL pipelines) for Locations Content Management System, leveraging Big Data technologies on Hadoop stack (Hadoop, HBase, Hive etc.).


Master of Science (M.S.), Computer Science
ETF, University of Sarajevo


  • Active tech writing at personal blog

  • AWS Training and AWS Lab Days

  • AWS Workshops and AWS Skills Builder

  • AWS Re:Invent Conferences

  • OReilly OSCON Conferences, Meetups in Portland, Webinars


Notable results in competitive coding challenges on TopCoder.